04.11.2013 | 1000 patients enrolled
On 4th November 2013, the 1.000th EAST patient has been enrolled by Dr. Renata Maczynska-Mazuruk and Dr. Jerzy Rekosz, WSPRiTS Meditrans Department of Cardiology, Warsaw, Poland.
05.12.2012 | 500 patients enrolled
On 5th December 2012, the 500th patient has been randomized for the EAST trial by the study site Dr. Elvan, Isala Klinieken, Zwolle, NL. 
12.07.2012 | 300 patients enrolled
EAST has enrolled more than 300 patients.
25.03.2012 | 150 patients randomized
With status as 25.03.2012, 25 sites in Germany and The Netherlands have included 150 patients.
23.03.2012 | Belgium ready for take-off
The Ethics Committee’s positive opinion being available since 15.02.2012, the competent authority granted approval on 23.03.2012 to start EAST in Belgium.
23.03.2012 | 1st patient inclusion in The Netherlands
On 23.03.2012, the first patient was included in the Gelre Ziekenhuis Zutphen, The Netherlands. Congratulations to Dr. Maas and his team - EAST now truly became a European trial!