EAST Follow-Up period ongoing

The EAST study has a long follow-up duration. As a
result, patients enrolled are asked to participate for
several years. For the scientific success of the study
it is essential that all patients are followed-up until
the end of the trial. Our aim is to provide valuable and evidence
based contribution to the management and medical
care of the patients with atrial fibrillation.The sponsor highly appreciates all the efforts our
study sites invested in the success of the EAST trial.
Thanks to the extraordinary work of the participating
study teams all across Europe over 80% of all
randomized patients are still in follow-up.With status October 31, 2019 over 135 study sites
have patients in active follow-up.685 primary events are needed for a successful
completion of the EAST – AFNET 4 trial. More than
70% of these have already been captured.We're looking forward to the remaining 30%. Thanks to all parties involved.