EAST Follow-Up extended

This summer, the EAST – AFNET 4 trial enters its 9th year and is approaching the finish line.

AFNET carefully followed the reporting and publication of the CABANA trial over the last 10 months and is reassured about the safety of rhythm control therapy in that trial. With low rates of serious complications in all patients, whether treated with AF ablation or with antiarrhythmic

AFNET found the means to continue the EAST – AFNET 4
trial until the initially planned number of primary outcome events occur, and expects to collect information on events until summer 2020 (another 12 – 18 months).

It has been a long time since the EAST
trial started. The first patient was enrolled in 2011 in Hamburg and the last patient was enrolled in Leverkusen
in December 2016. Due to amazing consequent
work of the study teams all across Europe over
85% of the randomised patients are still in follow-up.
EAST is an event-driven trial with a fixed number
of endpoints, which means the successful
termination of the study depends on capturing all
potential primary endpoints.

To collect the missing information, AFNET needs the ongoing support of all sites. Based on the observed event rate AFNET expects to achieve this in summer 2020.