EAST – AFNET 4 Follow-Up Overview

EAST – AFNET 4 included a total of 2.789 patients and followed them for several years. Now, in the
final phase of the trial, it is necessary to collect all study relevant information from each patient in the trial.

Find below a short overview:

  • On Friday 13th of March, the final cFU questionnaires for 2.298 patients were sent to 124 sites.
  • 115 sites (92%) confirmed receipt and forwarding of the final cFU questionnaires to up to 2.236 patients (97% of 2.298).
  • 1.694 final cFU questionnaires were completed and already arrived at CRI (73% of 2.298).
  • 228 final contacts alternatively documented as minimal effort FU visits in the eCRF.
  • 1.922 final patient contacts (84% of 2.298) were documented overall.

At several study centers, the procedure of completing the questionnaires was complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic situation. In some hospitals the study staff was not allowed to access the site. And a few of them were not able to print the questionnaires. In these cases the patients were called by phone and this contact was documented as a minimal effort FU visit in the eCRF. Despite all these difficulties, most questionnaires were completed.